ProMods and RusMap with Southern Region, China, Taiwan and Mexico.

I have tested a few other maps with ETS2 v1.31 and ProMods 2.30.  Some would work and some would not and just crash.   I could not get Poland Rebuilding to work even with the FIx 1 Activated. I also could not get the Turkey map and Afro Map to work either.  The Estonia-Russia Border Improvements map would not work.  With the list below you can see there is a lot of virtual driving  estimating 2000 to 3500 Miles and that’s a lot of hours. I will test other mods to see if they work and create a new post later this week .

The map that work with ProMods are listed below.

My Map Mod Load Order 

Promods is compatible with ETS2 v1.31 only. Other Map mods might work with ETS2 v1.32 but not guaranteed. 


ProMods Cabin Accessories Pack 1.05
ProMods Trailer and Company Pack 1.17 Def Trailers Standalone OR Replacement
ProMods TCP 1.17 Def Companies
ProMods TCP 1.17 Trailers 1
ProMods TCP 1.17 Trailers 2
ProMods TCP 1.17 Companies

Fix Promods 2.27+EAA 4.6
Ferry RE 1.5 EAA 4.6
Map EAA V4.6
Base Map EAA V4.6

Island Map v1.4

roc131 C.H Mod Map v0.16
roc02 C.H Mod Def v0.16
roc02a C.H Mod AI Def v0.16
roc03 C.H Mod UI v0.16
roc04 C.H Mod v0.16
roc05 C.H Mod v0.16
roc06 C.H Material v0.16

ProMods 2.30 Legacy Compatibility Fix

Promods Defintion Package 2.30

ProMods-RusMap-connection (for 2.30)

RusMap 1.8.1-Map
RusMap 1.8.1-Models 1
RusMap 1.8.1-Models 2
RusMap 1.8.1-Def

Scandinavia Mod-Def v0.4
Scandinavia Mod-Map v0.4

Project Balkans Def Package v2.7
Project Balkans Map Package v2.7
Project Balkans Assets Package v2.7

Paris rebuild 2.3

PM Emden 1.02c

ProMods 2.30 -Map
ProMods 2.30 -Models 1
ProMods 2.30 -Models 2
ProMods 2.30 -Models 3
ProMods 2.30 -Media
ProMods 2.30 -Assets

Southern Region Map 7.2.0-English or Polish Translation
Southern Region Map 7.2.0-Def&Map
Southern Region Map 7.2.0-Model3
Southern Region Map 7.2.0-Model2
Southern Region Map 7.2.0-Model1

The Great Steppe 1.2-Model
The Great Steppe 1.2-Map
The Great Steppe 1.2-Def

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