Project Cars 2

I recently downloaded and installed Project Cars 2 from Steam and its one of the best so far that I have found that the G27 Gear Shifter works in Practice mode.  The G27 gear shifter doe not seem to work in practice mode and only in the main challenge mode like Assetto Corsa and RaceRoom Racing Experience. Even though I have set everything up and done everything the game shows you it still will not work in practice mode.  After reading a lot of forums on steam and other websites I discovered I was not the only one to have this problem with the G27 gear shifter.  Some of the other Gear shifter modals work fine.  I found the game very challenging especially on those sharp bends. I can drive a manual car in real life and have a full U.k Driving licence so am aware of what its like on those bends. The game it self is very realistic and know Grand Prix drivers use the simulators to get plenty of practice.  The younger Generation who are younger than 17 and never driven a car will not understand that its all about the right speed and right gear at the right time and being on the correct side of the road. Racing cars have a much higher speed and revs and most use rear wheel drive so if you drive to fast then the rear wheels will slide with under steer or over steer.  There is also something called coasting thats when your not in gear or the clutch is pressed down and will cause the car to lose control. Gravity is something to think about as you turn left the car leans to the right and so you will be forced to the right of the cars. With plenty of practice I will get there in the end.  There is a video below from one of my streams that you can watch. 

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