Lagging Stream Now Fixed


My Lagging streams are now fixed and run smooth.  On… Read more

Stream Lagging Not Caused By Processor


Ever wondered why your stream lags so much when you… Read more

New Processor and Motherboard


My new Intel i7- 1800k processor arrived on Friday 1st… Read more

Barrier on the motorway


Last nights stream went well when I did a delivery… Read more

Glitches in the ATS Mod Maps


Strange things happened in tonight’s stream with American Truck Simulator… Read more

New Camera Setup


My new camera setup I now use with 4 cameras… Read more

18 speed Gear shifter Knob and Button Box


Logitech G27 Gear shifter knob replaced with a 18 speed… Read more

New Computer Upgrade


Hello folks Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you… Read more

LiveStream Coming soon


At some point this December 2018 I will be doing… Read more

SCS have released ETS2 1.33


SCS have released ETS2 1.33SCS have released ETS2 1.33 and… Read more

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