New Processor and Motherboard

My new Intel i7- 1800k processor arrived on Friday 1st february 2019  but cannot use it yet because I am still waiting for the ASUS ROG Maximus IX Formula LGA1151 Z270 motherboard and is estimated to arrive on the Monday 4th february 2019. When it does arrive I will do a live unboxing on Youtube and then be replacing the processor and motherboard in my computer live on Youtube but will be using my Laptop to stream and I have not used or tested it yet with my cameras so it’s going to be fun on the day. There will be my fury pest the cat in the way as well so it be pick the screw up move the cat put the motherboard in move  the cat move a wire with a claw on my finger and a disappearing wire appearing in another room.  That was normally happens with the cat. The are animals and cannot be controlled? I only I could point a remote at the cat sometimes it would be fun.

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