New Computer Upgrade

Hello folks Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. My Computer upgrade went well and was stream live on Youtube and you can see it on my channel at Youtube/Mcgistics it took about two and half hours to complete and the video was edited down to one hour 15 minutes  then stream to youtube. You can see the images on my Mcgistics Facebook page at Facebook/McGistics The graphics card handles very well with 8GB of memory.  I have since done a Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck simulator live stream on Youtube. I will continue to do more live streams in the future and you might notice different camera views. There two above one to my right and one to my left and a third behind me to my left.  You will see my cat asleep in the day time as they are nocturnal and are more active at night and don’t I know because when it’s my turn to sleep it crash, bang crash bang. Meow meow warrr weow when they want attention and food and who say cat do not understand human speech. My cat responds to sounds like food and know exactly what the word refers to.  Back to the main subject: I will also be doing a few streams with other games I have like X Plane 10 and X Plane 11 and my newest Grand Theft Auto 5 that I find ok but the language is a bit strong and I not going to repeat it so you will have to wait for the live stream.  

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