New Camera Setup

My new camera setup I now use with 4 cameras connected to my computer using OBS Studio. The images are in order as follows with camera 1 followed by Image 1. There is an screen shot showing my display capture and the camera 1 on the bottom left with a frame overlay. I use a Advance scene changer plugin for OBS as it cannot be done with OBS it self. If you see a fifth camera the used when for close up for example if I am repairing something. You might be aware of a problemĀ with ASUS motherboards and a message flashes up showing “Not enough USB resources. This is because you require a USB 3,0 Support driver. I still have the problem as you will of seen in a previous stream from 14/1/2019. With a bit of faffing about messing mean messing about in english plugging the USB plugs in different USB port I got them all working. At the back of my PC is 4 USB 2.0 and 8 USB 3.0 ports. fifth camera when used is plugged into one of the front ports. Lets hope ASUS sort the problem out soon.

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