Just some of the music I like from Rock Music, Trance, Blues, Classical, Jazz and probably thinking why do I like all that kind of music well is what I grew up with, and new friends introduced me to. I was bought up on Rock and Roll Music like Elvis Presley, The Shadows, Roy Orbison and more because my mum and dad was from that generation I was not and did not exist until the early 1970’s and people think I should like the music from the 1980’s like Duran Duran. That is not my style although I do not dislike the 1980’s pop music there was a few good band that had inspiration in there music. We are all different and like different genres of music and that make us unique and just imagine if we was all the same and all liked and did the same thing it would be a boring world to live in.  My Music collect consists from Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Rainbow, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Paul Van Dyke, Faithless, William Orbit, Euphoria Trance Compilations from the early 1990’s to early 2000’s and there is still more music I have not mentioned from Enya and compilation from Classic FM U.K Radio Station.   You can listen to some of my upload music on this page with the music player below. You cam list to some of my music by click on Music-Player in the dropdown menu under Music or by clicking the link provided below    


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