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Below is a list of old websites I created in HTML using Microsoft Expression Web 4 and were hosted on my personal home server before I started using WordPress. WordPress Website are written in PHP format so require PHP to be installed on the server to run them on Windows IIS and MySql is required for the data to sign in and posts and many other things. PhpMyAdmin is required to managed my MySQL and create a Database. My server currently runs the latest PHP 7.2.2 and MySQL Version  4.8.2.

The links to my old websites are below and run along side this site, They are in a folder that you can see in the address bar after This gives you an idea how those other website creators work when you sign up and create a website with them like and they all use the same thing for hosting because you will see there Address first then your created site follows after and they charge you a premium to use your own Domain like will charge £300 to £350 a year or two years depending on the package you take with them.  So far example a I created a and hosted a website with it would be something like and be limited on there servers they have plans if your willing to pay the packages are  Free – Very limited.  Personal – £27.51 per year.  Premium – £75.66 per year.  Business – £228.50 per year  VIP – starting at £3821.02 per month. I have provided the links below for you to view on my website and also provided in the navigation bar as a drop down menu under  HTML Websites.

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