Farming Simulator

I have been using Farming Simulator 19 now for a few days and I find it very relaxing and quite challenging. It took a while to set the G27 steering wheel. There is a screen in the options that shows Axis Deadzones and was not sure what it was for at first but played about with the settings then set them back to default then set Axis Deadzone 1 to zero and that help with the steering because the default setting was not allowing instant turning to the left or right but the zero setting of Axis Deadzone did the trick.  Its a bit of a pain that you cannot have gears. But its ok as it is and hopefully the developer will improve it. I use a U.K map mod called  Marwell Farm and is very realistic the fields are much bigger than normal and take a few hours to harvest and plough.  You can see me in the video below on my third session using the Farming Simulator.

The screenshots are wide and narrow because I use Nvidia Surround and that give me a ratio of 5760 x 1080 pixel using three monitors. You can see the screen shots below by clicking on any image to see the full size image.

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