Barrier on the motorway

Last nights stream went well when I did a delivery with American Truck Simulator and picked up a job in Truro and finished in Florida but on the way I came across a barrier that you can see in the images below of the motorway which was blocked across all three lanes. I drove of down the slip road and took a another root but but you can see on the sat nav there was no other alternative root so ended driving in the opposite direction  on the motorway but had to turn back around a carry on throw the barriers. Cannot do that in the real world but can in the sim world. The stream ran well in on display capture and hoping to us Nvidia Surround on Monday 4th February 2019 when my new motherboard arrived and I can use my new processor .

The links to my Truro to Florida stream. The current time I came across the barrie: 2:243:21 and the beginning of the stream: 2:16:11

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