Below are just a few of my videos that I streamed to  my McGisticsLogistics Youtube channel. You can view more of my videos by clicking the link : McGisticsLogistics. They were live and went well with one or two hiccups with my cat getting in the way like all cat do like sitting in front of the monitor blocking your view because they want something. Its like they say that cat have slaves and dogs have masters.  During my live streams I use three cameras one to the left of me, One behind and one under the desk to give the view of the foot pedals. I do use full manual gear mode mode when I am able to but if I use a 12 speed gear box setting the I will use Automatic gearing. I use mainly right hand drive because I live in the United Kingdom but will use Left hand drive setup now and again. There are two condenser microphones for left and right stereo sound and they are plugged into a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 amplifier connected to my computer via USB lead. There are two Rokit 4 speaker that I use for but during streaming they are switched off due to feedback and I use my Sony Wireless Headphone.  I have a Trackir 5 pro eye on top of my centre monitor and  the clip is attached to the left of my headphone via velcro.  If you scroll down down the page below the videos you can see a summary of my computer.

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